Maire Treanor


F8UQkvbS4mcdTNMpClpgGnEYjy4u8EDxE1HQkX4GLw8Clones lace is an Irish Crochet lace, named after the Irish town where it was marketed, developing its own character since 1847, at the height of the Great Irish Famine. Recreating the flowers that grew in the area, it also imitated Venetian Needle Point lace. Within a short period nearly every family in the area was involved in its production, supplying markets in Dublin in the great fashion cities of the World. Clones soon became the most important center of crochet lace making in the north of Ireland, while Cork was the leading center of the south of the country.

Máire Treanor came to Clones in the late 1980s, and discovered its lace, which had once been world famous, but was then a part of its history. Over the years, she has become a modern missionary and author of articles and a book and DVD on the history and patterns of Clones Lace. She has taught it in various parts of Ireland, Europe and the USA and has acquired a growing collection of antique and modern Irish Crochet, which she will share with us during the week.

Donna Mae Baukat

For much of her life, she was a performer, singing in churches and night clubs; and by day, a Sales and Marketing executive for an electronics components company. It wasn’t until her 69th birthday that Donna Mae learned to crochet – and it became an instant addiction.

Using a unique combination of fibers, Donna Mae creates one-of-a-kind women’s outwear. Her fashions quickly became immensely popular in local venues, and she created Baukat Couture. Her website features her “Opulent Outerwear,” an doffers both ready-made and custom items. Donna Mae is the coordinator of the Durango Crochet Retreat, and will teach the basic crochet class on Tuesday night just prior to the retreat.

Sponsor, Baukat Couture